• 2017
  • Chimney Rock

    Since our Dachstein climbing experience just a couple of weeks ago, Ive been itching to go hiking again. Ari and I had planned on heading into the North Carolina mountains awhile ago, but life happened and we just hadn’t had the time. This weekend we finally had a chance and picked Chimney Rock. It is about 2 and 1/2 hours from our apartment so we hit the road semi early and began our hiking adventure!

    As soon as we got out of our car the humidity and heat hit us, but we trekked along nevertheless.ย  Let me tell you deciding to go hike in 98 degrees is no joke! Ari and I were drenched in sweat before we even got to Hickory Nut Falls, but were able to cool off in the cool mist of the waterfall. We continued our hike and made it to the top of Chimney Rock! (All I could think of at this point, was getting to our air-conditioned car as fast as possible)

    Ari and I enjoyed our hike, but will definitely hold off another hike till the temperature goes back down to the 70s.

    Any hiking spot recommendations?!


  • 2017
  • Hubby built a bike!

    So, I’m proud a bit, because my hubby built a bike! My husband is very big into cycling and decided to build his very own bike!

    Here are a couple progress steps along the way. If anyone out there wants to tackle their own bike project, dont hesitate to ask. I know Ari would love to tell you all about his building experience!


  • 2017
  • Austria part 3

    On Thursday, we went to a big shopping mall in Linz called Plus City. Unfortunately, I had no space in my suitcase for more stuff, so I essentially just window shopped, but Ari was able to find some clothes. As we walked along we came across a smoothie bar which also had homemade popsicles. To say they were delicious is an understatement. We both ate a kiwi, mango, raspberry one and have high hopes of recreating one ourselves! Ill keep you posted if we ever do make one ๐Ÿ™‚

    Later we said our goodbyes to my mom’s parents, and visited a couple more family members. Finally we ended the night in a Beir Garten in Linz with my cousin Clemens. And Ari enjoyed his 5th schnitzel!

    On Friday, Ari and I got our things packed and then spent the remaining time in Linz relaxing. I indulged in my favorite berries and spent time with family. We ended the night heading to Vienna by train to visit my cousin.

    Our last day in Austria was spent touring Vienna. Ari and I were both dragging by this point in our vacation but still walked our butts off. Ill admit I was glad when it started pouring in the middle of the day, since it gave us an excuse to head back to my cousins house to just veg out. Needless to say our trip to Austria went EXTREMELY fast and since we were constantly on the move, I am ready for a another vacation.

    Hope you all are having a great summer!


  • 2017
  • Dachstein, Hallstatt and Traunsee

    The next day we headed into the mountains to hike! We picked Dachstein. Ari is a tad EXTREMELY scared of heights, so I chose a mt with wide trails. Ari and I took the mt lift to the top, so that we could enjoy the trails as opposed to hiking from the ground up. Once we were at the top we looked at a map of the various paths and decided to leave the “5 fingers” (a look out spot) till the end since it was only a 30 minute hike. We found a 3 hour trail and were off! Along the way Iย  convinced Ari to go a detour path which was marked with the Austrian flag…. 1 hour of climbing later, we were standing in front of a cliff. Needless to say we turned around and hubby blabbered my ear off on how my idea was dumb. Lucky for me we hurried our butts back to the original path and made it just in time so we could go to the “5 fingers” before the last lift went back down the mountain.

    I’m proud to say Ari and I are still happily married after our 3 hour turned 7 hour hike ๐Ÿ˜‰

    By this time both of our legs felt like mush and we drove to Hallstatt. We rewarded ourselves with ice cream, walked through the little town and headed home.

    On our way home we drove past a Chinese restaurant, and due to my Chinese food obsession we naturally stopped, filled our bellies and continued on home. We took the scenic route home and stopped at Traunsee to walk around a bit (as if our legs hadn’t done enough walking, but the view was just too gorgeous not too)

    Stay tuned for more!


  • 2017
  • Austria part 2

    On Monday, Ari and I did some shopping in Linz and then in the afternoon met up with my cousins and their kiddos. This was baby heaven for me! I know Ari secretly enjoyed every minute he spent holding the little newborn.

    We ended the day by driving into Salzburg, were we visited my aunt and uncle. I still can’t get over how beautiful their view is of the mountains.

    The next morning we toured all of Salzburg, and by the end of the day our little feet were falling off. We got a Salzburg city ticket, which lets you enter all city tourist attractions and museums along with public transportationย  for only about 30 euros a person for 24 hours (let me tell you, we definitely got our moneys worth!). Some of the things we toured: Hohensalzburg Fortress, DomQuartier Salzburg, Mozart’s residence, Mozart’s birthplace, Fortress museum, Salzburg Zoo, Mirabell Palace & gardens, Hellbrunn Palace & Trick Fountains, Leopoldskron Palace, Getreidegasse, Franciscan Church, St. Sebastian’s Church & Cemetery.


    If you are interested in Salzburg or the city ticket, click on SALZBURG ๐Ÿ™‚

    Stay tuned for our mountain adventure!



  • 2017
  • Pรถstlingberg

    Here we got a nice view of Linz and I took Ari on the Grottenbahn. The Grottenbahn is an underground dragon train ride through the land of dwarves. After the ride you get to walk through little rooms set up with characters from the brother’s Grimm stories. This is a place we will definitely bring our future kiddos!

    We ended the night with more ice cream… stay tuned for more!


  • 2017
  • Austria trip part 1

    We’re back! Exhausted but nonetheless back in the states. Ari and I got back Sunday evening and both had to go back to work Monday morning, jet lagged and all. Note to self, NEVER think its ok going straight back to work. Although I must admit, forcing myself back into this time zone cold turkey, allowed me to get back on track pretty quickly. Ari had to fly back out Monday morning so the past two days I’ve been eating canned soup and heading straight to bed after work. But I cannot wait to tell you all about our trip! Cause it was pretty awesome.

    We started our trip a tad bumpy. Our flight to Munich was delayed 4 hours, so we immediately knew we were going to miss our connecting flight to Vienna. So what should have been a relaxing dinner at the airport, turned into a chaotic phone battle trying to get on another connecting flight. Luckily, hubby handled all this while I forced myself to eat a burger. I get very motion sick on planes, and because of it I am an anxious mess before I even set foot on a plane (Ari deserves an award for putting up with me. SERIOUSLY).

    Fast forward, and we are finally in Vienna! Now we originally planned on meeting up with one of my cousins, but with all our delays Ari and I decided to just put our tired butts in a train and head straight to Linz. We got picked up by my aunt and then headed home where my grandma had some Griessnockerl soup waiting for my tummy! After my stomach finally felt like it could handle food, I indulged in some Ribiselkuchen (my favorite cake!) and then Ari and I went on a walk. I showed him our local bakery, grocery store, where I went to preschool, and then we made our way to an ice cream shop. YUM.

    The next day we took care of business (I had to get my European passport renewed) and then we toured the city of Linz. Luckily my aunt came with us so that I wouldn’t make a fool out of myself (since my formal German is pretty bad) Ari then got his first Schnitzel, which he raved about the rest of the trip.

    The next couple of days were spent visiting family (which I have a pretty large family so everyone was essentially just squeezed into a tiny time slot)

    On Saturday we went to visit my mom’s parents in Helfenberg. I was very excited to show Ari their home since my grandfather had built the entire home himself! And my grandpa is a professional carpenter, so I wanted Ari to see his wood shop along with all his woodwork! I also took Ari on a walk through Helfenberg after lunch, which is something we always did growing up.


    On our way back to Linz, we stopped at Burg Piberstein, a castle near my grandparent’s home.

    On Sunday we went out to lunch with my grandma and my dad’s sister and her family.


    As the day started to clear up Ari and I walked around near the Danube (Donau) river and later met up with my aunt and cousin and went to Poestlingberg.

    Stay tuned for more!


  • 2017
  • My brother is MARRIED!

    So this past weekend, Ari and I had a pretty uneventful weekend….NOT! My brother got MARRIED! And I gained a wonderful SISTER!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here are the deets,

    Ari and I both took Friday off and made our way to Maryland bright and early. We arrived at Chanteclaire Farm around 1 and boy was it BEAUTIFUL! Ari and I were invited to stay at the farm house with the Bride and Groom along with some other members of the wedding party. All the rooms were super cute and we got first dibs on the room (perks off waking up at 5 am) ๐Ÿ™‚

    The rehearsal/ dinner was very nice. I got to catch up with some of Dom’s childhood friends and spend some time with my family. My cousin was able to come over from Austria, which was really nice since he had attended my wedding last year as well! I filled my belly with delicious BBQ food and then we ended the night hanging out at a local bar.

    Wedding day!ย  I am definitely not used to staying up past 8:00, so waking up the next morning was pretty exhausting. The day flew by. Steph, my mom, the maid of honor, and myself went to get our hair done, while the rest of the crew hung out and played games outside. Before I knew it, It was show time! We were all dressed and posing for pictures. I even lost it as my brother made his way to take his first reveal photos with his GORGEOUS bride.

    The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Dom and Steph had a unity tree planting ceremony which I loved and It will be neat to watch it grow (maybe with a tire swing on it in the future!) And I survived without any mishaps! I was so nervous that I would fall, pass out, cry hysterically or do something embarrassing that I’m sure ill look half constipated in all the photos ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The reception was a LOT of fun. And man my sister in law can DANCE! My brother is huge in to cocktail making, so naturally he concocted two signature drinks… and boy were they strong! Both ended up with my dad after I had two sips ๐Ÿ™‚ My dad even got his groove on (ill take the credit and say it was the drinks I passed along ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


    Lastly, the night ended with sparklers and a bonfire ‘n smores.ย  By this time I was basically a zoombie and Ari and I shortly after made our way to bed!

    It was an AMAZING weekend! and I am sad that it went so fast. My brother and my new sista are now off on their Honeymoon and I hope they have a blast!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful wedding season!





  • 2017
  • A taste of Pittsburgh!

    Since Ari and I hadn’t been back to Pittsburgh since the Christmas holidays, we thought a visit was way over due (and so did our family!)

    As much as I like making the trip back home to see family, the drive is SO exhausting, that I almost dread the trip every time. But nonetheless we packed our bags and made the trip ๐Ÿ™‚ Lucky for me, Ari drives the whole way!

    I enjoyed my time with my momma. I got to sample all her new beauty products and wear all her clothes, since the weather was a lot colder than I had planned. She also made me my favorite dinners which I then proceeded to eat for breakfast and lunch the next day. Yes you heard me breakfast, I am one of those weirdos who would rather eat dinner for breakfast any day of the week.

    Meanwhile Ari, went to his dad’s house and did boy stuff.( Not really sure what they did, so I cant elaborate ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    On Saturday, we also met up with Ari’s mom and did some Pittsburghy things that I have always wanted to do. We went to Bicycle Heaven and Randyland. Bicycle heaven is basically my husbands dream. It was a museum/shop that had everything bicycle you could imagine. I’m pretty sure there were millions of bikes in that place and that my husband could have spent days in there. Next, we went to Randyland. I really enjoyed it there, since everything was so colorful and Randy the artist was very interactive with all the guests. LOTS and Lots of laughs for sure!

    On our way home Ari and I stopped and bought Popsburgh popsicles. YUMMMM. I had the hibiscus blackberry and Ari had lemonade. They were a tad expensive, but in my opinion totally worth it since they were all natural and only had 4 ingredients!

    The rest of our time back home was spent indoors relaxing since the weather was meh (reminders on why we moved in the first place).

    Now we are back home, and Ari has left me once again for business trips galore.

    I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home this weekend and then next weekend we are off to Maryland for my brother’s wedding festivities!

    Hope everyone has a great rest of the week! Ill be busy watching makeup tutorials (what?! my brother’s only going to get married once!) and watching the Pens.


  • 2017
  • here’s whats been happening

    So… its been awhile sine my last post, but here is our life update.

    I have been an extra proud wife lately since Ari left his recent position and started with a new company! I am very excited and cant wait to see where this takes him. Luckily this position is still local so we get to stay in our current apartment ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately this job requires more travel, so ill be holding down the fort solo, and you guys will be seeing a lot more of me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So what have we been up to? Well honestly, we’ve been busy with a whole lot of nothing. We have just been enjoying each other’s company, starting random projects, and spending every sunny day at the pool.

    Ari is big into cycling and decided to build his own bike. YES, you heard me, build his own bike! Ill admit I was very skeptical at first. But after he soldered the metal tubes together and the pieces started to look like an actual bike frame, I was impressed! Ill definitely be sharing some before and after pics once its complete!

    We also made another beach trip to Kiawah. The weather was absolutely amazing on Saturday and we spent the entire day on the beach. Unfortunately Ari got a little too much sun, and we’ve been generously applying Aloe ALL week.

    What do we have planned coming up? Ari and I will be heading back up to Pittsburgh this weekend, my brother is getting married June 1oth, and our Austria trip is only a little over a month away!