Wine tasting

This weekend Ari and I went wine tasting. I had heard of a neat vineyard close to where we live, and after googling it, I knew we had to check it out. The vineyard had tree houses that you could rent and some of them were so big that they even had bathrooms and showers! The pictures online looked AMAZING and I was able to find a groupon for it πŸ™‚ We were able to get a wine tasting for two and a bottle of wine for only 7$!! I mean who could turn that down!?!

The drive was about 30 minutes through the country and we got to see tons of horses! Unfortunately, when we got to the vineyard we were a little disappointed. I guess since the weather had been so warm, we were in the mindset that it was summer. Well, we wereΒ  quickly reminded that it was only April and those beautiful green vineyards that I had envisioned where at least a couple of weeks(or months) away. But on the bright side there was still wine tasting!

We really enjoyed our trip and will definitely check it out again when the vineyards are in full bloom!

A couple of years ago, I went to a vineyard/ wine tasting with my mom, aunt, uncle and cousin in Austria. It was a completely different experience. I think my expectations were definitely a little too high because of it. We where in the heart of wine country and despite it being a very gloomy day, the views were incredible.

Here our some photos of our drive.

At the vineyard we got treated with a delicious lunch and got to sample some of their bottles. (My uncle was purchasing wine for his restaurant, so I know we got the first class treatment πŸ˜‰ ) After our bellies were full,Β  wet got a tour of their wine cellar. The cellar was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. We were told all about the process of wine making and got to take a look at their oldest/most expensive bottles! They were all moss covered and boy did they look fuzzy! At lunch one of those bottles was opened and YUM!

After our grand tour of the wine cellar, we headed out to their vineyard.

Looking back on my adventures in Austria, makes me even more excited to show hubby my homeland!

Happy Sipping XO



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