Easter Traditions: Egg fighting

Happy Easter everyone!

What are your Easter traditions?! I grew up dying Easter eggs, having egg hunts and eating lots and lots of chocolate bunnies. 🙂 And we had egg fights!

Here are the rules:
1.Everyone selects a hard boiled egg (dyed of course!)
2. Two players ‘fight’ each other
3. One person grasps the egg tightly in their hand (revealing only the tip) while the other knocks their own egg against it
4. The battle is lost once both ends of the egg are cracked.
5. The winner moves on to the next round

When my mom was here, we dyed eggs and got fighting 😉 I swear this is something I will never get to old for!

Egg fighting

I cannot wait till Ari and I have kiddos of our own, so we can start our own Easter traditions 🙂

Happy Fighting XO



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