Par 3

Back in Pittsburgh, I happily tagged along when Ari and his dad would go golfing. I rode in the golf cart taking in the beautiful scenery  stuffing my face with all the snacks I managed to fit in my bag all while trying to take cute selfies with my then fiancé. 😉 But now I was expected to actually play?! YIKES

Ari knows that my patience, when it comes to golf, is pretty much nonexistent, so we went to a Par 3 golf course. I have proven my LOVE for this sport multiple times over the years with the numerous @#$*&^  kind words that escaped my mouth during mini golf. But now that we moved away from home, I needed to put my wife pants on and play golf with my husband. So Saturday evening we went to play golf.

I’ll have to admit it was pretty fun, especially, since we were the only ones at the course. I was able to actually hit the ball as many times as a I wanted without having a group of ‘serious’ golfers breathing down my neck to hurry up. Luckily all the balls I shot into the woods or into the lake were balls we had found on the course, so I am proud to say I lost none of my hubby’s balls. 🙂 I definitely would like to go back and who knows maybe ill work my way up to a real golf course! (Proud to announce my golf etiquette has improved as well)

Happy golfing! XO



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