A taste of Pittsburgh!

Since Ari and I hadn’t been back to Pittsburgh since the Christmas holidays, we thought a visit was way over due (and so did our family!)

As much as I like making the trip back home to see family, the drive is SO exhausting, that I almost dread the trip every time. But nonetheless we packed our bags and made the trip 🙂 Lucky for me, Ari drives the whole way!

I enjoyed my time with my momma. I got to sample all her new beauty products and wear all her clothes, since the weather was a lot colder than I had planned. She also made me my favorite dinners which I then proceeded to eat for breakfast and lunch the next day. Yes you heard me breakfast, I am one of those weirdos who would rather eat dinner for breakfast any day of the week.

Meanwhile Ari, went to his dad’s house and did boy stuff.( Not really sure what they did, so I cant elaborate 😉 )

On Saturday, we also met up with Ari’s mom and did some Pittsburghy things that I have always wanted to do. We went to Bicycle Heaven and Randyland. Bicycle heaven is basically my husbands dream. It was a museum/shop that had everything bicycle you could imagine. I’m pretty sure there were millions of bikes in that place and that my husband could have spent days in there. Next, we went to Randyland. I really enjoyed it there, since everything was so colorful and Randy the artist was very interactive with all the guests. LOTS and Lots of laughs for sure!

On our way home Ari and I stopped and bought Popsburgh popsicles. YUMMMM. I had the hibiscus blackberry and Ari had lemonade. They were a tad expensive, but in my opinion totally worth it since they were all natural and only had 4 ingredients!

The rest of our time back home was spent indoors relaxing since the weather was meh (reminders on why we moved in the first place).

Now we are back home, and Ari has left me once again for business trips galore.

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home this weekend and then next weekend we are off to Maryland for my brother’s wedding festivities!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week! Ill be busy watching makeup tutorials (what?! my brother’s only going to get married once!) and watching the Pens.



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