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  • Chimney Rock

    Since our Dachstein climbing experience, I’ve been itching to go hiking again. Ari and I had planned on heading into the North Carolina mountains awhile ago, but we just hadn’t had the time. This weekend we finally had a chance and picked Chimney Rock. We hit the road semi early to begin our hiking adventure, […]

  • DIY
  • Hubby built a bike!

    So, I’m proud a bit, because my hubby built a bike! My husband is very big into cycling and decided to build his very own bike! I’ll admit when he first told me about his plans, I thought he was crazy. Then, a couple of weekends later, Ari had transformed the metal tubes into a […]

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  • Austria part 3

    Our last days in Austria: To read from the beginning of our trip click here! On Thursday, we went to a big shopping mall in Linz called Plus City. Unfortunately, I had no space in my suitcase for more stuff, so I essentially just window shopped, but Ari was able to find some clothes. As […]

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  • Austria part 2

    To read about our Austria trip from the beginning click here! On Monday, Ari and I did some shopping in Linz. Later, we met up with my cousins and their kiddos. This was baby heaven for me! I know Ari secretly enjoyed every minute he spent holding the little newborn. Salzburg: In the evening, we […]

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  • Pöstlingberg

    To read about our Austria trip from the beginning click here! Pöstlingberg: At Pöstlingberg we got a nice view of Linz and I took Ari on the Grottenbahn. The Grottenbahn is an underground dragon train ride through the land of dwarves. After the ride you get to walk through little rooms set up with characters from […]

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  • Austria trip part 1

    We’re back from Austria! Exhausted but nonetheless back in the states. Ari and I got back Sunday evening and both had to go back to work Monday morning, jet lagged and all. Note to self, NEVER think its ok going straight back to work. Although I must admit, forcing myself back into this time zone […]