• 2017
  • My brother is MARRIED!

    So this past weekend, Ari and I had a pretty uneventful weekend….NOT! My brother got MARRIED! And I gained a wonderful SISTER!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here are the deets,

    Ari and I both took Friday off and made our way to Maryland bright and early. We arrived at Chanteclaire Farm around 1 and boy was it BEAUTIFUL! Ari and I were invited to stay at the farm house with the Bride and Groom along with some other members of the wedding party. All the rooms were super cute and we got first dibs on the room (perks off waking up at 5 am) ๐Ÿ™‚

    The rehearsal/ dinner was very nice. I got to catch up with some of Dom’s childhood friends and spend some time with my family. My cousin was able to come over from Austria, which was really nice since he had attended my wedding last year as well! I filled my belly with delicious BBQ food and then we ended the night hanging out at a local bar.

    Wedding day!ย  I am definitely not used to staying up past 8:00, so waking up the next morning was pretty exhausting. The day flew by. Steph, my mom, the maid of honor, and myself went to get our hair done, while the rest of the crew hung out and played games outside. Before I knew it, It was show time! We were all dressed and posing for pictures. I even lost it as my brother made his way to take his first reveal photos with his GORGEOUS bride.

    The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Dom and Steph had a unity tree planting ceremony which I loved and It will be neat to watch it grow (maybe with a tire swing on it in the future!) And I survived without any mishaps! I was so nervous that I would fall, pass out, cry hysterically or do something embarrassing that I’m sure ill look half constipated in all the photos ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The reception was a LOT of fun. And man my sister in law can DANCE! My brother is huge in to cocktail making, so naturally he concocted two signature drinks… and boy were they strong! Both ended up with my dad after I had two sips ๐Ÿ™‚ My dad even got his groove on (ill take the credit and say it was the drinks I passed along ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


    Lastly, the night ended with sparklers and a bonfire ‘n smores.ย  By this time I was basically a zoombie and Ari and I shortly after made our way to bed!

    It was an AMAZING weekend! and I am sad that it went so fast. My brother and my new sista are now off on their Honeymoon and I hope they have a blast!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful wedding season!





  • 2017
  • A taste of Pittsburgh!

    Since Ari and I hadn’t been back to Pittsburgh since the Christmas holidays, we thought a visit was way over due (and so did our family!)

    As much as I like making the trip back home to see family, the drive is SO exhausting, that I almost dread the trip every time. But nonetheless we packed our bags and made the trip ๐Ÿ™‚ Lucky for me, Ari drives the whole way!

    I enjoyed my time with my momma. I got to sample all her new beauty products and wear all her clothes, since the weather was a lot colder than I had planned. She also made me my favorite dinners which I then proceeded to eat for breakfast and lunch the next day. Yes you heard me breakfast, I am one of those weirdos who would rather eat dinner for breakfast any day of the week.

    Meanwhile Ari, went to his dad’s house and did boy stuff.( Not really sure what they did, so I cant elaborate ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    On Saturday, we also met up with Ari’s mom and did some Pittsburghy things that I have always wanted to do. We went to Bicycle Heaven and Randyland. Bicycle heaven is basically my husbands dream. It was a museum/shop that had everything bicycle you could imagine. I’m pretty sure there were millions of bikes in that place and that my husband could have spent days in there. Next, we went to Randyland. I really enjoyed it there, since everything was so colorful and Randy the artist was very interactive with all the guests. LOTS and Lots of laughs for sure!

    On our way home Ari and I stopped and bought Popsburgh popsicles. YUMMMM. I had the hibiscus blackberry and Ari had lemonade. They were a tad expensive, but in my opinion totally worth it since they were all natural and only had 4 ingredients!

    The rest of our time back home was spent indoors relaxing since the weather was meh (reminders on why we moved in the first place).

    Now we are back home, and Ari has left me once again for business trips galore.

    I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home this weekend and then next weekend we are off to Maryland for my brother’s wedding festivities!

    Hope everyone has a great rest of the week! Ill be busy watching makeup tutorials (what?! my brother’s only going to get married once!) and watching the Pens.


  • 2017
  • here’s whats been happening

    So… its been awhile sine my last post, but here is our life update.

    I have been an extra proud wife lately since Ari left his recent position and started with a new company! I am very excited and cant wait to see where this takes him. Luckily this position is still local so we get to stay in our current apartment ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately this job requires more travel, so ill be holding down the fort solo, and you guys will be seeing a lot more of me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So what have we been up to? Well honestly, we’ve been busy with a whole lot of nothing. We have just been enjoying each other’s company, starting random projects, and spending every sunny day at the pool.

    Ari is big into cycling and decided to build his own bike. YES, you heard me, build his own bike! Ill admit I was very skeptical at first. But after he soldered the metal tubes together and the pieces started to look like an actual bike frame, I was impressed! Ill definitely be sharing some before and after pics once its complete!

    We also made another beach trip to Kiawah. The weather was absolutely amazing on Saturday and we spent the entire day on the beach. Unfortunately Ari got a little too much sun, and we’ve been generously applying Aloe ALL week.

    What do we have planned coming up? Ari and I will be heading back up to Pittsburgh this weekend, my brother is getting married June 1oth, and our Austria trip is only a little over a month away!


  • 2017
  • Par 3

    Back in Pittsburgh, I happily tagged along when Ari and his dad would go golfing. I rode in the golf cart taking in the beautiful sceneryย  stuffing my face with all the snacks I managed to fit in my bag all while trying to take cute selfies with my then fiancรฉ. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But now I was expected to actually play?! YIKES

    Ari knows that my patience, when it comes to golf, is pretty much nonexistent, so we went to a Par 3 golf course. I have proven my LOVE for this sport multiple times over the years with the numerousย @#$*&^ย  kind words that escaped my mouth during mini golf. But now that we moved away from home, I needed to put my wife pants on and play golf with my husband. So Saturday evening we went to play golf.

    I’ll have to admit it was pretty fun, especially, since we were the only ones at the course. I was able to actually hit the ball as many times as a I wanted without having a group of ‘serious’ golfers breathing down my neck to hurry up. Luckily all the balls I shot into the woods or into the lake were balls we had found on the course, so I am proud to say I lost none of my hubby’s balls. ๐Ÿ™‚ I definitely would like to go back and who knows maybe ill work my way up to a real golf course! (Proud to announce my golf etiquette has improved as well)

    Happy golfing! XO


  • 2017
  • Charleston

    After we walked along the beach of the ocean course, we headed to Charleston. Charleston is absolutely beautiful! We window shopped, filled our tummies with ice cream, sampled our way through chocolate desserts and took in all the historic beauty of this little town. After our little feet got tired, we ate dinner and made our way back home.

    The Charleston City Market had lots of neat crafts

    I was eying up this blue ceiling tile. I would LOVE to have this in a powder room!

    How beautiful are these buildings?!

    Loving all the details of these historic beauties.

    Soaking in as much of this ocean view as we can, before we head home ๐Ÿ™‚

    Can’t wait till our next visit!


  • 2017
  • Kiawah Island

    Another perk of living down south is getting Good Friday off! My mom came down to visit and we decided to take a day trip to Kiawah and Charleston. Ari has been to both numerous times and we’ve been trying to go ever since we moved down here, so it was WAY over due.

    We got up bright and early at 6 am and made it to Kiawah around 9. WOW is all I can say. The drive to the Island was absolutely stunning, there were these huge trees that formed tree like tunnels over the road. And the beach was perfect. It was very quiet and there were hardly any people, which made it extra relaxing. The sand was also very soft and the damp sand felt like you were walking on corn starch! After we started to get a little crispy, we drove to the ocean course since Ari had raved about how beautiful the course was. And on our way back off the island we spotted some gators!

    I have already decided that I want to make numerous trips back to Kiawah this summer!

    Can you see the Alligator?!?

    Stay tuned for my Charleston post!


  • 2017
  • Easter Traditions

    Happy Easter everyone!

    What are your Easter traditions?! I grew up dying Easter eggs, having egg hunts and eating lots and lots of chocolate bunnies. ๐Ÿ™‚ And we had egg fights!

    Here are the rules:
    1.Everyone selects a hard boiled egg (dyed of course!)
    2. Two players ‘fight’ each other
    3. One person grasps the egg tightly in their hand (revealing only the tip) while the other knocks their own egg against it
    4. The battle is lost once both ends of the egg are cracked.
    5. The winner moves on to the next round

    When my mom was here, we dyed eggs and got fighting ๐Ÿ˜‰ I swear this is something I will never get to old for!

    I cannot wait till Ari and I have kiddos of our own, so we can start our own Easter traditions ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Fighting XO


  • 2017
  • Wine tasting

    This weekend Ari and I went wine tasting. I had heard of a neat vineyard close to where we live, and after googling it, I knew we had to check it out. The vineyard had tree houses that you could rent and some of them were so big that they even had bathrooms and showers! The pictures online looked AMAZING and I was able to find a groupon for it ๐Ÿ™‚ We were able to get a wine tasting for two and a bottle of wine for only 7$!! I mean who could turn that down!?!

    The drive was about 30 minutes through the country and we got to see tons of horses! Unfortunately, when we got to the vineyard we were a little disappointed. I guess since the weather had been so warm, we were in the mindset that it was summer. Well, we wereย  quickly reminded that it was only April and those beautiful green vineyards that I had envisioned where at least a couple of weeks(or months) away. But on the bright side there was still wine tasting!

    We really enjoyed our trip and will definitely check it out again when the vineyards are in full bloom!

    A couple of years ago, I went to a vineyard/ wine tasting with my mom, aunt, uncle and cousin in Austria. It was a completely different experience. I think my expectations were definitely a little too high because of it. We where in the heart of wine country and despite it being a very gloomy day, the views were incredible.

    Here our some photos of our drive.

    At the vineyard we got treated with a delicious lunch and got to sample some of their bottles. (My uncle was purchasing wine for his restaurant, so I know we got the first class treatment ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) After our bellies were full,ย  wet got a tour of their wine cellar. The cellar was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. We were told all about the process of wine making and got to take a look at their oldest/most expensive bottles! They were all moss covered and boy did they look fuzzy! At lunch one of those bottles was opened and YUM!

    After our grand tour of the wine cellar, we headed out to their vineyard.

    Looking back on my adventures in Austria, makes me even more excited to show hubby my homeland!

    Happy Sipping XO


  • 2017
  • Food Trucks and Strawberries

    This weekend Ari and I decided it was time for us to finally do something other than house hunt!

    On Friday, we met up with some friends and went to Food Truck Friday. I had never eaten from a food truck, and really wanted to see what it was all about. Unfortunately, I have no photos to share, since I was too busy stuffing my face with all the amazing food! I ate some BBQ food and Ari had a Gyro. YUMMM. Ari and I will definitely be back, especially since I have my eye out for a food truck everyone’s been raving about that was not there on Friday.

    On Saturday the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS, and we spent the morning riding our bikes and then headed to the pool to get our tan on. My brother is getting married the first weekend in June and my dress will look a lot better if I am not pasty so I need all the sun I can get ๐Ÿ˜‰

    After we started to feel like we were getting crispy, we decided to drive around and explore the area. We drove past a huge strawberry field and guess what?! Strawberries were in season!!! (I guess I need to get used to having earlier seasons down south) Of course I made Ari pull over so we could pick strawberries! I had always wanted to go strawberry picking back in Pittsburgh, but always somehow missed the season. We picked a small amount that would fill our bellies and hold us over till dinner time.

    Now I am SO ready for all the other fruits to be in season! I still have my eye on wild blueberry picking and hope to find a peach orchard in the area!

    Today its another beautiful day, so I cannot wait to get my butt outside!

    Happy picking! ๐Ÿ™‚ XO

  • 2017
  • Planning for Austria

    This summer we will be traveling to Austria! I am SO SO SO excited! I haven’t been since I started PA school (so its been about 3ish years now). Hubby has NEVER been, so this will be a first for him and I am way excited. Ari has not met most of my family, so I’m thrilled to show off my new HUB! Plus I get to show him my homeland!

    The majority of our short trip will be spent visiting family, but I also plan to show Ari some of what I think are the most BEAUTIFUL places ever. We are unfortunately only going for a little over a week. This seems like nothing to me, since all our family trips prior had been 5-6 weeks. I really was spoiled growing up! Being able to spend such a long time over in Europe was a blessing. And even those trips went by WAY too fast, so I already know the week will definitely fly by. Nevertheless it will be a wonderful time!

    My parents still own our childhood home, so I get to show Ari where I grew up! (Well I guess not really since we moved to the US when I was 4 and prior to that we lived in Germany on and off, but to me it is and will always be home).ย  My mom asked me recently if I will miss having our home in Pittsburgh, when they retire somewhere warm. And honestly No. To me our Pittsburgh home was always ‘temporary’ (even though we lived there for over 20 years!).ย  I think the reason was that as I was growing up we never planned on living in the US permanently. There was always talk of eventually moving back to Austria, so I guess I never truly viewed it as ‘home’. Now on the other hand, I know that if my parents sell our home in Austria, I will be devastated. So for now, I am happy I get to go there this summer with Ari and soak up all the memories.

    So what do I have planned?? Well, Ari and I will be landing in Vienna, so our first two days we will be cramming in all that we can. I will definitely take Ari to St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom). Mainly because Ari has never understood why I always insist on going inside Churches. And that’s because he has never seen a breathtaking church like Stephansdom. When I go I will try and take as many pictures as I can, but honestly, I already know the photos just wont do it justice. If you are ever in Vienna, or anywhere in Europe, I highly recommend checking out the beautiful architecture and artwork in the churches , I’m sure you’ll be AMAZED.

    We will also of course visit the Schรถnbrunn Palace and gardens. Another breathtaking place which I highly recommend visiting if you are in the area. If you aren’t planning on traveling to Vienna in the near future you can check out their main website and actually virtually tour the palace and the gardens on your computer! I also want to visit the Schรถnbrunn zoo. It is the oldest Zoo in the world! Going to zoos is one of my favorite thing to do, but I’m not sure if we will have time to go.

    Lastly, we will be doing lots of window shopping on Kรคrntner StraรŸe (Vienna’s famous shopping street), sipping on coffee in cafรฉs, and eating lots of ice cream and bread!

    Next, we will travel to Linz. Ari will get to see my childhood home, meet my family, and see all the places first hand that I’ve talked his ear off about. I could ramble on for pages about Linz and all the places I will show Ari, but ill just save that for when we return from our trip!

    Here are a few pics from Linz! (not the greatest pics I know… Ill make sure to capture more of Linz this summer!)

    And here are some mountain pics of the Austrian Alps, since I will definitely be taking Ari into the mountains! (This is actually my most favorite thing to do and I CANNOT wait to experience this with my husband)

    Ill be posting lots from our trip when we return, so stay tuned! I’d love to hear about your favorite destinations! XO