• 2017
  • Food Trucks and Strawberries

    This weekend Ari and I decided it was time for us to finally do something other than house hunt!

    On Friday, we met up with some friends and went to Food Truck Friday. I had never eaten from a food truck, and really wanted to see what it was all about. Unfortunately, I have no photos to share, since I was too busy stuffing my face with all the amazing food! I ate some BBQ food and Ari had a Gyro. YUMMM. Ari and I will definitely be back, especially since I have my eye out for a food truck everyone’s been raving about that was not there on Friday.

    On Saturday the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS, and we spent the morning riding our bikes and then headed to the pool to get our tan on. My brother is getting married the first weekend in June and my dress will look a lot better if I am not pasty so I need all the sun I can get 😉

    After we started to feel like we were getting crispy, we decided to drive around and explore the area. We drove past a huge strawberry field and guess what?! Strawberries were in season!!! (I guess I need to get used to having earlier seasons down south) Of course I made Ari pull over so we could pick strawberries! I had always wanted to go strawberry picking back in Pittsburgh, but always somehow missed the season. We picked a small amount that would fill our bellies and hold us over till dinner time.

    Now I am SO ready for all the other fruits to be in season! I still have my eye on wild blueberry picking and hope to find a peach orchard in the area!

    Today its another beautiful day, so I cannot wait to get my butt outside!

    Happy picking! 🙂 XO