• 2017
  • Dachstein, Hallstatt and Traunsee

    The next day we headed into the mountains to hike! We picked Dachstein. Ari is a tad EXTREMELY scared of heights, so I chose a mt with wide trails. Ari and I took the mt lift to the top, so that we could enjoy the trails as opposed to hiking from the ground up. Once we were at the top we looked at a map of the various paths and decided to leave the “5 fingers” (a look out spot) till the end since it was only a 30 minute hike. We found a 3 hour trail and were off! Along the way IĀ  convinced Ari to go a detour path which was marked with the Austrian flag…. 1 hour of climbing later, we were standing in front of a cliff. Needless to say we turned around and hubby blabbered my ear off on how my idea was dumb. Lucky for me we hurried our butts back to the original path and made it just in time so we could go to the “5 fingers” before the last lift went back down the mountain.

    I’m proud to say Ari and I are still happily married after our 3 hour turned 7 hour hike šŸ˜‰

    By this time both of our legs felt like mush and we drove to Hallstatt. We rewarded ourselves with ice cream, walked through the little town and headed home.

    On our way home we drove past a Chinese restaurant, and due to my Chinese food obsession we naturally stopped, filled our bellies and continued on home. We took the scenic route home and stopped at Traunsee to walk around a bit (as if our legs hadn’t done enough walking, but the view was just too gorgeous not too)

    Stay tuned for more!